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New rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission will let anyone invest at least $2,000 a year in a small company in exchange for a stake in the business and Companies are allowed to raise up to $1 million every 12 months through this method. Accredited Investor Previously, defined in the U.S. as those with an annual income of at least $200,000 or a minimum net worth of $1 million—were allowed to take equity stakes in most private companies. The new rules, however, allow anyone to become an early-stage investor only if he or she has the cash.

The changed regulations for crowdfunding also allow small businesses to raise money with relatively few regulatory hurdles. Among them is that most first-time issuers, or small companies seeking less than $500K need not provide audited financial statements (They do, however, need to provide unaudited documents at request).

Currently we are placing membership shares per investor. For more information please contact us using the link below. We intend on placing 10% of the company available for investors.