05 Feb

 70% chance of economic downturn this year!

  • A 2023 recession may be on the way, with economists predicting a 70% chance of economic downturn this year
  • However, economists haven’t agreed on when it will begin or how long it will last.

Barclays Capital says that 2023 will be the worst global economy in four decades. 

SKY Telecom is forecasting the worst recession in American History under the Biden Administration.  These statistics are gathered from every major market and economic indices. 

Major factors influencing this downturn:

  1. Southern Border Crisis
  2. Crime Crisis
  3. Biden Presidential Term
  4. Fossil Fuel Crisis
  5. Tax and Financial Crisis
  6. Pandemic Spending & Current US Debt Crisis
  7. China Policy
  8. Anti Business Climate
  9. Destruction of The American Family Unit
  10. New Energy Policy Green New Deal  Not Sustainable