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SHERIDAN, Wyo. - Nov. 30, 2019 - PRLog -- SKY Telecom LLC— the Call Center & Connection Network— has announced the closure of its private round investment, raising $7.9 million. The round also included contributions from angel investors in the UK, India, Israel, Asia, and the European Union.

"We are setting new standards for performance in the call center space," says Willard Mccusker CEO of SKY Telecom LLC. "Everything changes for decentralized applications when you have a 3 orders of magnitude improvement in throughput and execution speed."

Focusing on an innovative network scaling technology called center crowding, SKY Telecom is a leader in the next-generation of high-throughput smart connection platforms blossoming in the call center ecosystem. Call Center Crowding is a well-known concept for horizontal partitioning of databases, and several firms, including SKY Telecom, are pushing the boundaries of applying this new concept to public call centers as a means to increase their capacity.

SKY Telecom has developed a breaking edge technology for call centers, known as "Adaptive State Communications," which enables the call center to rival centralized cloud call centers without sacrificing the security of clients.

Founded in late 2017, SKY Telecom produced a prototype of their concept in July 2018, including their new center format and new consensus design which achieved more than 25K calls in real-world conditions. Subsequently, SKY Telecom released its inaugural SKYNET in May 2019, exceeding all expectations and including implementations of several new technologies like McCusker CMS, signatures.

"SKY Telecom's outstanding contributions rest on two foundational building blocks: Adaptive State Connections and Secure Service Programs, enabling fast and secure decentralized networks," said Chris Leeds, the Head of Marketing & Sales. "The team has a clear go-to-market strategy to achieve mass-adoption. We're excited to be working together to push McCusker CMS technology towards mass-adoption."

Moving forward, SKY Telecom will focus on building tools that enable developers to easily build on top of its highly scalable call center systems, and enable users to easily discover and use these next-generation tools.

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SKY Telecom LLC is a leading national call center and help desk service provider for a wide variety of industries. SKY Telecom also provides access to national field service, depot service, telemedicine, webchat, and wireless support programs. We provide outbound sales telemarketing programs and inbound sales programs.

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