Company Doubles Customer Base, Expands Geographically and Appoints Senior Team Member

Press Announcement - August 28, 2019 (Sheridan WY) - SKY Telecom, the essential call center platform, today announced tremendous company growth led by doubling its year-over-year top-line performance. In 2019 SKY Telecom has doubled its customer base, expanded its suite of  technology, doubled employee count, and opened a new office in Sheridan Wy. This continued company momentum speaks to significant market opportunity and demand for the call center programs and services delivered by SKY Telecom.

The company also announced the appointment of a new chief financial officer. The new staff member brings over 20 years of financial leadership experience from call center and warranty companies in the industry. 

"Our rapid growth is the result of our dominant position in the call center arena enhanced by experience and our emergence as the leader in  telecom technology, both incredible markets. Through our relentless focus on customer success and service innovation, we have become the reliable call center platform for many telecommunication scenarios,” said Will McCusker, CEO of SKY Telecom. "Over the past year, we have invested heavily in building services and support technology that is not only critical for the market. As a result, we have emerged as the essential call center team.”

As part of this tremendous growth, SKY Telecom has achieved a number of major milestones, including:

Operations & Growth: SKY Telecom reports doubling of top-line growth, accelerating its growth from just 1 year ago. Further, the company doubled its customer base in 2018, with key wins including originating from the Real Estate and Medical fields.

Geographic Expansion and Employee Growth: SKY Telecom expanded its presence with a new office in Sheridan Wy. In 2019, SKY Telecom grew its employee count of employees locally and through our remote agent program around the globe.

Recognized Innovation: SKY Telecom continues to define the market with dozens of innovations, adding new  technologies to its growing  portfolio of service offerings including it expanding telecommunications area. SKY Telecom also includes Voice technology that helps call centers and businesses to grow and manage their business and customer bases.

“SKY Telecom LLC has quickly become the trusted industry standard because of its dedication to customer service and technology portfolio,” said Chris Leeds, Director of Marketing for SKY Telecom. “SKY’s aggressive growth strategy parallels what I saw at previous call centers when I joined in the industry in early 2000s. I'm very excited to be part of the company at such a pivotal time for the company."

About SKY Telecom LLC

SKY Telecom LLC is a leading national call center and help desk service provider for a wide variety of industries. SKY Telecom also provides access to national field service, depot service, telemedicine, web chat and wireless support programs. We provide outbound sales telemarketing programs and inbound sales programs.

The firm has also has created specialized service and sales programs for the consumer electronics, furniture, commercial point of sale and the renewable energy products.

The original firm was founded in 1997, SKY Telecom works on program development, service management, business evaluations and a variety of service and support projects with our team members.

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