SKY Telecom LLC’ Contact Center Service has shown huge support with the opening of a new office that houses a dedicated team.

Press Announcement - August 24, 2019 (Sheridan WY) SKY Telecom LLC announced the opening of a new office in Sheridan Wyoming, USA. This new location strengthens the SKY Telecom U.S. presence and offers a single location for the sales, and development of our contact center programs. Get Connected® is a customer outbound contact center product exclusively offered as a feature to our inbound customer service programs.  

To celebrate the opening of this new, strategically important office, SKY Telecom LLC is holding an ‘Open House’ event on Oct 15th 2019, from 4 to 7 PM. Full details of the event are available by contacting starting your email subject with ‘SKY Telecom Open House’.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office”, said Will McCusker, President & CEO of SKY Telecom LLC.”This new facility is located in close proximity to our contact center.  The location will give us access to new product development talent in the region that we can use to fuel the continued growth of SKY Telecom”, McCusker added.

“Get Connected is an important service  in the SKY Telecom suite of customer service solutions, and this office demonstrates SKY Telecom’s long-term commitment to the existing customer base, existing SKY Telecom customers, new and existing client customers and the National Field Service  market in general”, said Chris Leeds, Vice President of Marketing.

“It will be our pleasure to meet new and existing customers along with suppliers, partners, colleagues and friends on October 15th to celebrate the commitment we have made to the SKY Telecom clients  and the community”, added Leeds.

About SKY Telecom LLC

SKY Telecom LLC is a leading national call center and help desk service provider for a wide variety of industries. SKY Telecom also provides access to national field service, depot service, telemedicine, web chat and wireless support programs. We provide outbound sales telemarketing programs and inbound sales programs.

The firm has also has created specialized service and sales programs for the consumer electronics, furniture, commercial point of sale and the renewable energy products.

The original firm was founded in 1997, SKY Telecom works on program development, service management, business evaluations and a variety of service and support projects with our team members.

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