SKY Telecom LLC Launches Entertainment Streaming TV Service

SHERIDAN WY DECEMBER 29, 2019 — SKY Telecom, a television technology provider, today announced the nationwide launch of their streaming television service featuring live TV, DVR, and on-demand services, focused on entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge programming. The new service, priced at $25 per month, includes many of the top cable channels and can be viewed wherever you are in the U.S., on TVs, computers, tablets and phones.

Built on IPTV streaming technology, SKY Telecom service will include powerful features and functionality at no additional cost, including:

  • Watch on up to three different devices at the same time;
  • The freedom to watch the way you want with an unlimited 30-day DVR, a deep on-demand library, plus the ability to pause any live channel, start programs from the beginning, and watch programs that have aired in the past three days;
  • Streamlined interface, intelligent search, and easy but powerful functionality to save and follow your favorite shows.

    “Our goal at SKY Telecom is to provide a television service that people love as much as they love their favorite shows. We’re constantly looking for ways we can improve the experience,” said Will McCusker, SKY Telecom LLC CEO. “We started delivering streaming television services this year, and with our team and the knowledge gained during our product offering development stage our focus is and will remain to be price and best channel offerings available.” SKY Telecom supports web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), Roku devices, an iOS app, and Android via Chrome with more platforms to come. For more information on SKY Telecom LLC’s streaming IPTV products please visit our website at

About SKY Telecom LLC

SKY Telecom LLC is a leading national call center and help-desk service provider for a wide variety of industries. SKY Telecom also provides access to national field service, depot service, telemedicine, webchat, and wireless support programs. We provide outbound sales telemarketing programs and inbound sales programs.

The firm has also has created specialized service and sales programs for consumer electronics, furniture, commercial point of sale and renewable energy products.

The original firm was founded in 1997, SKY Telecom works on program development, service management, business evaluations and a variety of service and support projects with our team members.

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Chris Leeds