Technical Support

FREE over the phone diagnosis ensures that service gets started off on the right foot. Our highly-trained team of technical support reps has over an 85% accuracy rate on parts suggestions that will complete the call on the very first trip. With extensive in-field experience, all of our support reps are more than qualified to assist our onsite field technicians and even your staff, in solving equipment problems quickly and efficiently over the phone.

We have been providing onsite hardware maintenance services for over 20 years. We have technicians located strategically across the United States. With our national footprint, we are able to deliver high quality service with fast reponse times for our customers. 

National Deployment Rollout

Our success at executing technology deployment rollouts, is based on our field tested project management approach. The keys to our formula are upfront planning, a solid scope of work (SOW), attention to logistics, service delivery and understanding the expectations of our partner and their end user. Our seasoned project management team and variable labor work force, cross-trained in multi-vendor services and support, keep project costs down and insure success for a wide scope of technology rollout and refresh projects.

Depot Repair Services

SKY Telecom, has many contracted technical facilities and testing facilities is equipped for your depot repair needs. We can work with most major IT manufacturers to create an RMA process and depot repair solution to fit your needs.  SKY Telecom repair agents use only the latest in test and diagnostic equipment. Whether your IT requirements are whole unit repair, board level repair, whole unit swap, or advance exchange, our centers have the capability of fully testing and repairing your IT equipment.

How We Operate with Our Clients

  • We invoice our clients weekly on Net 30 terms.
  • We provide all invoices electronically with online bill pay.
  • We provide detail reporting for our clients by request.
  • We provide account managers for each client.
  • We provide toll free numbers to our clients (client owns).
  • We provide administration and services agreements to our clients.